Saturday, May 10, 2008

One two skip a few, now we're in Sterling

Well let's see. Scotland. It's been an adventure so far. We started out at the Willie Wallace hostel where an American Mel Gibson look alike checked us in. After check in we took a stroll up the hill and there found what to the Scottish is average scenery, but to us was heaven (pictures most surely coming soon.) No wonder this country started golf because the grass everywhere in Sterling is like walking on a green tended to by millions of illegal immigrants (it's not racist if it's true.) Amazing views from Sterling as well, including a monumental spire to the true William Wallace. So we returned to the hostel and I found that they were renting out movies for free to the guests. I went up and told the girl behind the counter I wanted to rent a movie and she rolled her eyes and sighed "Braveheart?" I said no to which she, relieved, said "Thank God! I've rented that movie out 30 times in the last 2 months." Instead I decided to go with a more mature, insightful movie, Robin Hood Men in Tights and got the thumbs up from the staff.
Soon as I can remember we went out to an Aussie joint and had some fish and chips. Btw, Scottish food, much better than British food. But we finished early and returned to the willie wallace hostel at an 8 yr. old's bedtime. I had just sat down to watch Robin Hood Men in Tights when, as luck would have it, Terry our roommate and willie wallace employee asked me if I fancied a pint. The answer was obvious and so the three amigos rolled out to go drink in Scotland with an Irishman. Terry is a baller and a damn good cook. We hopped around the bars for a bit and ended up back at the hostel after some jagger, system of a down (patch cut up a rug), and laughs calling it a night.

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