Sunday, May 25, 2008

ITALY!!!! right for you and me.

Seriously, this trip has been amazing and way more than I expected, but camping in Italy has just blown everything out of the water; the crystal clear, beautiful water. Only pictures can do this justice because my words will fall very short of describing the unique beauty here. The food is amazing. No offense Susan, but Pizza Hut needs to take a lesson from Montorosso, Italy. An entire pizza with fresh pesto, basil and three cheeses (the best in the world in my opinion), and bottle of house wine (in Pizza hut terms the "fantastic family feast") for about 10 Euro or 15 American dollars (once again in Pizza hut terms, "five bucks, five bucks, five bucks!") So really good food. But the hike through the mountains was by far the highlight of the visit. We were hiking right along the coast and passed roses, cherry trees, lemon trees, olive trees, grape vines for the local wine, all of them bursting with color. Now these pictures are going to be awesome, trust me. To be continued again (battery power and train times don't always work in our favor here.)


1stPitchBari said...

What an amazing time you all have had - one more week and then it's back to grinding the stone. Sorry, I know the time has just flown by! We've all loved reading your blog though, and look forward to what's next! Be Well, and make the most of each day!

1stPitchBari said...

Brian, we haven't heard from you in awhile, but I thought I would post your work schedule for next week (when you return), in the hope that you will log in to your blog before you head home. I have you scheduled on Friday & Saturday nights at 4pm. If you want to work before then, just let me know & I will see if anyone wants to drop a shift. Hello from everyone at the Blue "O"!